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#japan #outdoor #okutama #mountain #life #tokyo

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#japan #outdoor #mountain #trail #yatugatake

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#japan #tokyo #park #football #outdoor

#japan  #mountain #tokyo #danner #okutama #outdoor

#japan #mountain #tokyo #danner #okutama #outdoor

dark drone pulsating techno soundscapes Podcast

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My journey through sounds is a work in progress towards a higher understanding of music, the art of djing, myself and the surrounding world.

This evening at Tresor made me expand as a person.


++ Spring 2014 ++

ASC - Truth Be Told [SSCD15]

1. Some Other Life
2. The Machinery Of Night
3. Half The Words You Say
4. Hall Of The Gods
5. Behind The Veil
6. Lucent Vessel
7. The Widening Mire
8. Slow Autumn
9. The Certainty Of Tides

Presales start on May 15th. There will be 400 CDs available. Each CD will be in our traditional recycled jacket, color insert, stickers, and hand numbered.

Since this is a hand build release we need the extra time to get the CDs assembled and ready for shipping. Your patience is most appreciated.

++ Album Background ++

After how well-received Time Heals All was, I already knew I was going to write a follow-up.  I had in mind that I would build upon the themes and ideas of the previous album and try to expand upon them slightly, while trying to retain everything that made Time Heals All so special.  Truth Be Told is 9 short stories based around love, depression, fantasy and my ever on-going fixation with science fiction.  I hope you find this album as rich and rewarding as the experience I had making it.
—James Clements

Written, Produced and Mastered by James Clements.

Photography by Danthon.

- - - -
Silent Season Canada

The 175th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice!
This show with guest: Giorgio Gigli

After a deep exploration of several kinds of electronic dance music, in a broad evolutionary path, Giorgio Gigli’s music has assumed an intense and personal form of communication.
The modules emerging from his compositions run across a process where moods are transformed into waves, layers and substrates that are ready to catch and overwhelm the listener without changing original content.
His skill is to transmit an accurate signal using undiscovered frequencies inspired by desolate and noir tinged landscapes.
Giorgio transforms his material. Voids, pitfalls, drones and dilated melodies become intricate, sophisticated, and hypnotic rhythmic equipment that runs the risk of constantly changing classicist techno aesthetics in a conceptual derivation close to his soul.
Giorgio loves ambient music that dues to its descriptive power allows him to analyze and render every vibration and vision, both during production and his long dj sets, where he explores empty rooms that are filled with vintage recordings, ethereal drones and field sonority.
This particular working method is also reflected in his harder sets, where rhythm increases tension while it is moving forward unchallenged through industrial echoes, robotic tricks and building grooves that produce shaped variations of his meaning.
Substance thickens to provide a thoughtful and reflexive listening experience.
All these elements are poured into his project “Zooloft Records”, the platform that represent him in a past few years.
Now his techno vision involved into new collaborative projects with Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe and Perc (“Endless” project).
Starting from 2011 the collaboration with Electric Deluxe has established an intense relationship ferrying his DJ set in a new dimension where it combines an industrial/dark approach with a solid stream techno club-oriented.

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Next show my Choice will be: John Daly

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